Congratulations on winning a Siemens Scholarship!
Since 1998, the Siemens Foundation has awarded over $10 million dollars in scholarships and awards to deserving students for innovative research in STEM that impacts societal needs.
Many students have questions about how their scholarship works, so we have compiled this list of frequently asked questions to help you understand the college-related expenses your scholarship covers.

How do I claim my scholarship money?
You may use your Siemens Scholarship either for your undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate education at an accredited college or university of your choosing. The funds will be sent directly to the college or University. 

As a winner of a Siemens scholarship you have received a digital "Scholarship Request Form" that you will need to complete and provide to the financial aid office of the school you will be attending.  This form is required to be completed each time you request funds. You must set up an account through the financial aid office of your school, and you may draw upon the funds as needed to pay college-related costs until the entire amount is expended. You must be enrolled full-time, in order to continue receiving the scholarship and your school must certify that you are making satisfactory academic progress towards a degree. 

Completed forms are due back to Siemens Foundation postmarked no later than July 15th . Scholarship payments will be issued by the end of the semester (month) requested. 

When does this go into effect?
Once the Siemens Foundation has received the Scholarship Request Form from the school where you have been accepted as a full-time student, we will disburse the funds directly to your School. 

Some students elect to spread their scholarship over a period of years. For example: you may only need part of your funds to cover the first year of expenses depending on other sources of funding you may be receiving (e.g. other scholarships, financial aid, fellowships etc.). You can also elect to defer all or part of your scholarship money for future schooling, including your graduate and/or post-graduate degrees. 

How will the scholarship money affect my financial aid?
Each school has its own policy with regards to scholarship money and how it is factored into your need for financial aid. You will need to discuss this with your financial aid counselor. 

What college-related expenses does my Siemens scholarship cover?
Your scholarship can be used for the following college-related expenses:

  • Tuition and fees required for enrollment at your school.
  • Fees, books, supplies and equipment required for all courses of instruction at the school that are required for graduation.
  • Room and board.
  • University costs associated with your participation in your chosen major at the school where you are enrolled, within or beyond your regular courses of Curriculum. 

What is NOT covered by my Siemens Scholarship?
Scholarship funds may not be used for:

  • Off campus housing expenses.
  • Books, supplies, clothing and/or other items purchased at the campus book store or through the university that are NOT directly related to your course work and not required for graduation.
  • Expenses related to any entrepreneurial venture designed to produce income for you or the university.
  • Travel expenses to and from your campus (including daily commuting expenses, campus parking, and/or trips home).
  • Independent research beyond the courses required for graduation.
  • Computers and electronic devices.
  • Computer software that is not directly course related.
  • Dorm room supplies (furniture, appliances, furnishings – e.g. towels, sheets, bedding, microwave ovens, TV’s, refrigerators, decorations, etc.)
  • Automobile expenses (rental, purchase, lease, insurance, fuel and maintenance).
  • On and off campus entertainment expenses.
  • Costs associated with volunteer programs sponsored by the University.
  • Charitable donations or to support fund-raising events – even if they are university sponsored.

I would like to take advantage of a co-op program offered through my university. Can I use my Siemens scholarship to pay my tuition fees so I avoid having to re-enroll?
Siemens scholarships can be used for tuition reimbursement connected to co-op programs based on your university’s requirements. You will need to write a letter to the Siemens Foundation, 170 Wood Avenue South, Iselin, NJ 08830 explaining your co-op program and petitioning for tuition reimbursement.

Once Siemens has verified that your award for the co-op assignment meets the requirements for graduation established by the university that you are attending, we will make out a check to both you and your university for the tuition amount. Inserting both names on the check allows the university to endorse the check over to you if you have already paid your tuition bill, or for the university to apply the funds to your tuition expenses if they have not been met. 

Does my Siemens Scholarship have a time limit?
Your scholarship is valid for twelve years from the date of your graduation from high school. Special consideration may be given to students who need to defer their college education for a period of time that will affect the expiration date. This may include military duty, personal injury, sickness, etc. Should you require an extension, please inform the Siemens Foundation in writing explaining your personal Situation. 

What happens if I change my major half-way through school to a completely un-related field and/or choose to attend a different school?
As long as you are still a full-time enrolled student pursuing a course of study at a four-year accredited school that will result in an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate degree, your Siemens Scholarship funds can still be used for your college-related costs within the parameters indicated. 

My college has offered me a discount if I pay the whole four years of tuition up front. Can I use the Siemens scholarship for this?
Yes. However since the continuation of your scholarship funds are directly related to your full time enrollment and satisfactory performance (as determined by your school), your school’s admissions officer will need to contact the Siemens Foundation directly to make special arrangements for repayment of any unused funds, should you elect not to complete your education at the University. 

What happens to any unused funds?
Any remaining scholarship funds will be reimbursed to the Siemens Foundation and may be used for educational outreach of the Foundation’s choosing.   

If you have a question or situation that is not covered by this document please contact:

Siemens Foundation
170 Wood Avenue South Iselin, NJ 08830


Siemens Foundation Scholarship - PDF Download