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The Siemens Foundation has launched a workforce development program to help close the opportunity gap for young adults in STEM middle-skill careers. Leveraging the experience and expertise of Siemens as an industry leader and pioneer in workforce development, the Foundation identified this crucial area as a place where we can have an important impact on America’s workforce.

Businesses like Siemens are looking for qualified workers to expand and improve their STEM workforce. America’s young adults face the unique challenge of competing for 21st century jobs with international peers, while also facing significant barriers to postsecondary education and training that adequately prepares them for work. Addressing this disconnect is critical for America’s employers and the next generation of workers.

Many of these jobs require competencies in science, technology, engineering, and math, or a combination of these STEM fields. These “middle-skill” jobs (referring to the credential, which is more than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree, and not the level of talent) are essential to our nation’s economic growth and provide promising career opportunities. This new workforce development program will increase access to these skills and help businesses and workers achieve greater prosperity.

Our vision for closing the opportunity gap:

  • Raise middle-skill awareness in national forums and through partnership programs
  • Promote a positive perception of STEM middle-skill opportunities
  • Identify and scale effective training models

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To reach our shared goals, we’re proud of our partnerships with world-class leaders.