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About Siemens Science Day

Siemens Science Day’s mission is to promote math and science literacy throughout the country by providing classroom materials that will help children develop the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence needed to succeed in school and in the workforce. Developed for students in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, the program emphasizes the importance of math and science and their impact on society through fun and engaging hands-on science activities.


Partnership with Discovery Education

To ensure the fully-integrated education program meets national standards, Siemens has teamed up with Discovery Education. Partnering with Discovery Education provides the Siemens Foundation with an instant platform to reach today’s 21st Century Learners with media rich, engaging curriculum that inspires and informs today’s youth.

Discovery Education website

Read more about the Siemens Foundation, Discovery Education partnership


Contact Us

Educators, would you like to learn more about this exciting program? Send us an email by clicking on the link below.


Email the Siemens Science Day Team


Siemens Science Day Goes Digital!

Siemens Science Day

As Siemens Science Day enters its fourth year in 2009, we are pleased to announce an exciting, digital expansion of the program and a new partnership with Discovery Education. The new Siemens Science Day website has 20 new hands-on activities – all with easy to procure materials. Each lesson plan is partnered with an exciting video from Discovery.


In addition to the digital content, teachers will have a chance to win the "Ultimate Cool School Assembly." Not only is this assembly fun and interactive, but it also underscores the importance of science literacy and the need for science resources among schools. Discovery Networks will lead the assembly, which will consist of videos, mind benders and interactive demonstrations.


Check out the new Siemens Science Day website today!