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Encourage Your Students to Get Involved!

Science competitions offer an external validation for the quality of a school's science program and the higher academic expectations required to prepare a project for competition, will raise the bar for your school's science program. In addition, students whose projects are considered qualified to compete in a national competition bring honor to you and your school, as well as prestige to your community.

Attention Educators:
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Benefits for Students
In conducting their research, students practice bona-fide, "real world" science education, experience the excitement of discovering or building something new, as well as gain personal satisfaction by initiating a project and seeing it through to completion. Any level of showing in a competition (including that of semi-finalist) attracts the attention of admissions staff at prestigious colleges. Competitions are also a way to earn money for college tuition as even modest scholarships can be parlayed into awards from other sources. And unlike loans, scholarship money does not have to be paid back.

Benefits for Teachers
Preparing students to enter highly-respected science competitions provides professional development opportunities for dedicated professionals. You will also work with talented, highly motivated students and gain personal satisfaction and career validation when your students compete in a national arena. Additionally, school administrators, community leaders and parents recognize and honor your work.



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