A global health opportunity for university students in science, technology, engineering, and math

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It is important for students — and their parents — to remember that there is more than one path to success.

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Five million dollars committed over two years, with nationally recognized partners dedicated to developing essential skills needed for high-growth STEM jobs.

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Congratulations to 2014 Siemens Competition national team finalists David Lu, Allen Lee and Jason Lee who were just featured in another great Wired.com sponsored article on their research to eradicate...


Congratulations to 2014 Siemens Competition Finalist Joseph Zurier for being featured in a great sponsored piece called, “The Magic of Math: Joseph Zurier uncovers the beauty in numbers” on Wired.com


Etzwiler will discuss how companies and organizations can play an active role in supporting educators by investing in resources that can be used to augment existing curricula.

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At the 11th Annual “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day” hosted at Siemens in West Chicago, hundreds of girls got a chance to exercise their brains and collaborative skills in a fun environment.



17-year-old twins further research into antibiotic resistant bacteria, using a computer-aided approach to researching different compounds.

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Two high school seniors from Albuquerque have developed a computer model of tree growth that could help fight climate change.

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