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Yisrael Herzberg and Yonatan Schwab, Rambam Mesivta High School, Lawrence, NY

National Winners $30,000 Team Scholarship

Middle States Region Silver Medal Winners

“Synthesis and Characterization of highly uniform Palladium nanoparticles”

Mr. Herzberg and Mr. Schwab’s research focused on making nanoparticles from Palladium. Contrary to accepted theory, they found that these nanoparticles are highly magnetic. The end result makes these nanoparticles a reusable catalyst because it can be extracted from a reaction region. Their goal is to produce an energy source that does not pollute the atmosphere. Their mentors were Rebecca Isseroff and Dr. Miriam Rafailovich.


Mr. Herzberg, a senior, is a council treasurer for his senior class and an avid basketball and chess player. He would like to be a Talmudic scholar.
Mr. Schwab, a senior, is captain of his College Bowl team and editor-in-chief of his synagogue newsletter. He plans to study chemistry or biology in college.

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