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Steven Frehn and Andrew Deagon, Highland High School, Palmdale, CA

National Winners $40,000 Team Scholarship

Western Region Silver Medal Winners

Three Dimensional Deformation Analization of Dielectric Electro Active Polymers and Di-Conical Application for Artificial Muscle”


After seeing an infomercial for a vacuum device used for storing comforters and blankets, Steven Frehn and Andrew Deagon sought to modify this vacuum technology in order to create contracting artificial muscle from Dielectric (Electro Active Polymers) EAPs. Their mechanical engineering project can be used as a more efficient linear actuator such as a piston and will be able to closely emulate the characteristics of biological muscles. Their project could also lead the way to more environmentally safe motors.

Mr. Frehn, a senior, is the wrestling team captain at his school, a NASA SHARP student intern and a volunteer for United Charities, ASB and Youth Wrestling. In his free time, Mr. Frehn volunteers as a physics and calculus tutor. He enjoys reading about electric circuits, exercising and building things. Mr. Frehn, 18, plans to study mechanical engineering and engineering economics in college and would like to work for an engineering company that develops creative new inventions to improve quality of life.

Mr. Deagon, a senior, volunteers at the hospital and homeless shelters and enjoys playing volleyball, fencing, music, art and building and designing various things. At school, he is involved in the Mathletes, Classics Club and Rhetoric Club. He enjoys playing the saxophone and guitar and has performed with the school’s concert band. Mr. Deagon, 17, will study biochemical engineering in college and aspires to work for an engineering company with an emphasis on biomedical technology.

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