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Nicole Pranke, Perpich Center for Arts Education, Golden Valley, MN and Ashley Fry, Half Hollow Hills High School East, Dix Hills, NY

National Winners $10,000 Team Scholarship

Midwest Region Silver Medal Winners

“Monte Carlo Simulations of the Hill Dose Response Model”

The goal of Ms. Pranke and Ms. Fry’s biostatistical research was to determine the optimal method for predicting the dosage and effectiveness of drugs used to fight cancer and other diseases. The team used a statistical tool known as the Monte Carlo method to generate results that could potentially assist in the development of new chemotherapeutic drug combinations. Their research impacts bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, and can be instrumental in finding the safest, most effective ways to determine the correct dosage of new drugs. They were mentored by Dr. William Greco of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo , NY .


Ms. Pranke, a senior, first became interested in biostatistics after hearing a lecture at the Program in Mathematics for Young Scientists at Boston University . She has participated in the Speech Team, the Mosaic Diversity Group, Radio K University of MN and the Gay-Straight Alliance. Ms. Pranke would like to become either a professor or a research scientist.

Ms. Fry, a senior, is a member of the Free the Children Club, Key Club, Spanish Honors Society, National Honors Society, and Amnesty International. She has played the piano for eleven years and the flute for six, and is a member of the Marching Band/Symphonic Band. Her dream job is to become a physician.

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